March 30, 2015

Project Life CT: March

Today I'm sharing with you a quick post about my March submissions. I'll blog about each layout separately & post more photos and tips soon (like I did with my past submissions) :)

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01: Caylabne Bay, Philippines
Album: Travel Highlights

Summer's almost here in the Philippines, that's why I thought of creating beach-related layouts in the upcoming months. I'm planning to write a separate post about different Becky Higgins kits that you can use for summer-themed layouts, and the first item on the list is the Heidi Swapp Dreamy Edition! The kraft cards and watercolored backgrounds complement the beach photos! This is the fastest layout that I ever made because 1) I used just one kit (made the decision-making process faster)  2) Most of my photos are 4x6" -- I followed the ideal simple/basic layout of Project Life that I often see on the packaging --(one title card, more 4x6" photos, 8 3x4" cards)  3) Only used few embellishments - letter stickers for my title and a cork geotag (inspired by Jennifer Lake). These are old photos by the way (taken in 2003!)


02: Cover page
Album: Singapore 2013

Another quick layout. I followed Becky's tip: Don't overthink! Just copied the suggested placement of the first page cards closely, except for the bottom part where I replaced one card with a photo. Added a few embellishments (letter stickers, a DIY airplane icon, and printable date stamp (that I got for free, I can't remember where I downloaded this, must check the filename and share the name of the designer)  Love how it turned out! Black-and-white photos (matched with the Midnight kit) never fails!


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03: Things I Love
Album: All About Me

I love using similar cards because they make my layout appear clean/graphic/simple. Printed the "I Love" card (from the Sunshine kit digital files) and changed the background colors on Photoshop. The tools I used were Eyedropper (to copy the exact colors of the other cards on the Sunshine kit) and Paint bucket. On the black "I love" card, I typed the text before printing because I have no white pen that wouldn't smudge on coated paper :D The best type of page protector to use for this layout would've been Design U (all vertical 3x4" pockets), but I only had Design A in stock so I had to make it work by pasting some of the 3x4 cards and photos together :)


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04: Singapore 2013 Highlights
Album: Travel Highlights

I mentioned in my Week in the Life post last month that you can use Project 52 cards in many ways. It's not just for weekly "everyday" photos. You can pair them with other kits, like the Lovely mini kit (designed by Shimelle) and make a travel spread! These are also printed from the digital files.

You might be wondering how I got square corners... I used a variety of tools on Photoshop to extend the backgrounds:
1) Clone Stamp - if the card has a textured background
2) Paint Bucket - for cards with solid background. I created a new layer and placed it at the bottom, used the Eyedropper Tool to get the right color and then filled the background with the Paint Bucket tool)
3) Pen tool / Brush - for cards with patterns like "Wander For A Bit", "N Boarding pass" and the map.


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February 28, 2015

The Washi Tape Project

 *Digital washi tapes from Sugarplum, Akizo, Digital Scrapbook Ingredients and Miu Creation.

Washi lovers, time to use the "too-pretty-to-use" tapes that we hoarded! (redundant, hehe) Here are some simple prompts and ideas for your journal, planner, scrapbook, etc. This isn't a 30-day challenge / you don't have to do this consecutively. These are just ideas to get you started, when you're stuck with a blank page.

Share this list with your crafty friends! Post your works on Instagram with the hashtag #thewashitapeproject . I also set up a Facebook group for those don't have an Instagram account, click this link:

Here are some samples of my old projects...

February 23, 2015

Project Life: Gratitude Journal

Here's a Project Life layout idea: Use similar cards on one spread. I came up with this idea after reading a fellow Filipina's blog review on the Jade edition kit, where she posted photos of the cards, including one with Lili Niclass' handlettered cards side by side. I thought that these will look great on a Project Life layout.. so I gave it a try for my February submission. Love how it turned out -- it has a "clean & simple graphic design" feel to it... I paired the cards with black and white images so that the cards' colors will pop out...

February 22, 2015

Project Life Travel Spread: Baler, Philippines

Remember my "Road Trip" spread? This was our destination - Costa Pacifica, Baler! Yes, the eight-hour trip was worth it :)

I'd like to share with you a simple and short description on how I assembled this spread...

February 20, 2015

Project Life: A Week In The Life / Project 52 Core Kit

I mentioned on my previous post that I document my everyday photos by month & not by week. When Becky Higgins announced the release of the Project 52 core kit  on her blog and showed some layout samples on Instagram, I couldn't wait to try out the weekly format on one of my spreads...

February 18, 2015

Project Life: Using PL Cards as Embellishments

Sharing one of the 4 CT layouts that I submitted this February: a spread from October 2014. I haven't blogged about how I document my everyday spreads yet so here are some details: ...

January 25, 2015

January 17, 2015

2015 Project Life Creative Team + Plans

I'm part of the 2015 Creative Team of a brand that I looove - Project Life By Becky Higgins LLC !!! This was announced last December 30 already but I haven't written a blog post about it yet. I've always dreamed of being a CT member, every month I look forward to reading and pinning images from Becky's "Inspiration from our Creative Team" blog posts. So happy to have the opportunity to share tips and ideas with you, fellow Project Lifers! :) I hope I could inspire my friends/acquaintances (even the non-scrapbookers) to print photos and try out this simple memory-keeping system, too!

You can view the other members' profiles on Becky's site - under Meet the Designers.


I'll be working with the physical products! :) If you've read my profile on Becky's site, I mentioned there that I use Project Life in many ways. To be easier for my readers, I organized my Project Life-related posts by category and kit - please check out the right side bar. More labels will be added as I write new posts and share more projects.

Here are some layouts that you'll expect from me! :)

1. *A lot of* Travel highlight spreads
- I have an album called "Travel highlights" (I need a better name for it, suggestions please!) where I create one spread for each place/city/country that I've been to. My destinations are mostly in the Philippines and other Asian countries.

2. Travel albums
- I'm currently making a 60-page album about my Bacolod trip, hope to finish it soon so I could share the pages with you all! :)  Planning to make one more album this year.

3. Monthly spreads
- For "everyday" moments with family and friends, my current projects and favorite things

4. Food & restaurant discoveries
- I love trying new restaurants and taking food photos - and the best way to document this is through Project Life!!

5. Experiences / activities 
- trips to museums, my first (and last!!) fun run, concerts watched

6. Hobbies
- workshops attended, my favorite things

7. Special Events 
- Christmas, birthdays, weddings..


I'll try to use different kits on my layouts so that there'll be variety on my posts! In case you'd like to know if we have the same supplies... here's a list of kits that I have acquired in the past two years:

Core Kits: Midnight Edition, Seafoam Edition, Jade Edition, Vintage Travel (share), Heidi Swapp Dreamy (share)
Mini Kits: Dear Lizzy Daydreamer (gift from my sister) and Polka Dot Party, Amy Tangerine Plus One
Value Kits: DIY Shop, Heidi Swapp Gold Foil, Heidi Swapp Glitter (gift from my sister)
Themed Cards: Roadtrip, Travel, Summer, It's A Man's World, The Great Outdoors

I will also work with new products and some digital kits! Printed some cards already and I can't wait to use them!!

So excited to make more layouts and share tips and ideas! :) I've written a few Project Life-related posts this month, please check out the label "Project Life CT". :)

To see more samples of my Project Life layouts, follow me on Instagram
Project Life is a memory-keeping system created by Becky Higgins. To know more about her products, visit

January 16, 2015

Project Life Idea: Inspiration Boards

It's January again - the time when most of us are motivated to write resolutions, goals and dreams for the year...

January 15, 2015

Project Life: Travel / The Ruins, Bacolod

I'm currently making a 60-page(!!!) album about my Bacolod trip last year. I'm 80% done with it (still have to add text/labels and choose cards for some pages). For now, I can only share a sneak peek (one spread) but I'm thinking of writing a separate blog post for those who are interested to know my process of scrapping 150+ travel photos...