May 8, 2014

Personalized Gift Ideas for Mom

Was supposed to post this 2 weeks ago but then things got busy. Mother's Day is just a few days away, hope these ideas will still be helpful! :)

Got this album from Kikki.K in Ion Orchard, Singapore. You may order online at
or just DIY :)

April 1, 2014

Project Life: February 2014

It's my first time to use the 12x12 format (check out my past A4 layouts here) and I love how quick & easy this method of memory keeping is! Project Life by Becky Higgins is really perfect for those who don't have much time to scrapbook. This month has been so busy & I'm happy that I was able to squeeze in some "crafty me-time" this weekend.  


Print all photos in 4R size rather than laying them all out on one big sheet (so that it's easier to cut them perfectly)

1 4R = 2 3x4 photos!

You can layout 6 square/Instagram photos on one 4R document

Sort materials by event. Print only 1-2 photos per event to save space and money (hehe, Project Life fillers and albums don't come cheap)

Slip photos and memorabilia inside the pocket pages first, then decide on what cards to use later.

I scrap on my bed, don't have a long craft table! hehe

Choose a color scheme per month (for a cohesive look) 

The Love month colors! 

Download and print Card Design References at the Digital Project Life website to save time. I wish they provided a guide for the Seafoam Edition though


Personal projects that you did this month

 • A "Monthly Highlights" card. Jot down lists of memories/info (listed by "areas of life" such as "Me", Office/Career, Family, Friends, New things/places) on one sheet of bond paper. Update it as the events happen. At the end of the month, rewrite it on a 4x6" card. I used to write down notes on a planner but I found it time-consuming to collate & flip through the pages

 • Memorabilia from restaurants, concerts, events. It's a bit of a challenge to do it discreetly.. I rip out logos from paper placemats or ask the servers for business cards and my friends would often wonder what I'm gonna use it for, haha


1. Project Life by Becky Higgins
    • Midnight and Seafoam Edition - Available in Lasting Impression and Paper Blush
    • Design A fillers - Available in Lasting Impression

I was actually reserving my PL supplies for my vacation albums but I realized that I wouldn't be able to use up all of my cards anyway (I also bought the Jade kit last year --what am I gonna do with 1,500 cards? haha)

2. Me and My Big Ideas Specialty Cards (glitter and foil)
My sister bought this in Michael's (US) for me, I love the designs that she chose! See the rest of the cards here and here.


3. DIY 4x6 cards = 6x6 paper pads, Hallmark/All About Scrapbooking, National Bookstore, P100+

 4. Maped Label Stickers, Shopwise (less than P50, can't remember the exact price)
     I sometimes use products that are not acid-free (I'm breaking a scrapbooking rule here, hehe)

 5. Sweet New Year Calendar by Amy Moss - featured on Life Documented Manila's Freebie Friday blog post
 This calendar card was originally yellow, I altered the background in Photoshop so it would match my color scheme

6. Valentine's Day Printable Poster by Emily Strawn

Adhered it to a 3x4 filler card

That's all for now, I'll share more tips next month! :)

February 9, 2014

Washi Tape Ideas Vol. 1

One of my craft resolutions this year is to use my washi tapes liberally (and not regret about it, haha) so I can get my money's worth. People ask me what I do with an xx number of tapes.. Apart from just admiring and staring at my collection (and constantly rearranging them by color, pattern, etc. hehe),  I use them for labeling, scrapbooking, decorating, and making DIY projects. Here are some super simple ideas:

Inspiration from Pinterest

Inspiration from Pinterest

*"What is Project Life?" Visit Becky Higgins' blog for details.

Inspiration: back page of Martha Stewart's Crafts for Kids book

So that's part one of my Washi Tape Ideas series, will share more next time!

List of stores where I got my tapes (Manila-based)

Hobby Depot

Lasting Impression

Hey Kessy

Bee Happy Crafts

January 2, 2014

2014 Craft/Design To-Do List

• Attend Graphika Manila 2014 - (CHECK! - Feb 1, 2014)
• Design free 2014 calendar cards for Project Life
• Design free printables
• Figure out how to sell digital scrapbooking kits online
• DIY travel magnets
• Finish 2013 Project Life album
• Stamp catalog
• Learn how to digitize calligraphy, watercolor & handlettering works
• Make a Project Life album about a trip
• Redesign my blog
• Create a blog entry about diff uses of washi tape
• Washi tape catalog
• Design Project Life cards
• Font/Lettering catalog

April 25, 2013

Project Life 2012: October

Black, gray, white - my all-time favorite color combination :)


Downloaded the 'crap' card (left) from Cathy Zielske's blog entry, "Taking the Crap Out of Scrapbooking--a new motto for an old approach"  By 'crap', she means: "expectations of how you're supposed to do something, keeping up with the latest trends, stuff that gets in the way of creative living, painting the rosiest picture of your life you can find, and any other obstacle that removes your personal enjoyment from this hobby." Every scrapbooker/crafter must read this article. Very inspiring.

My last page

My attempt at calligraphy

Eagle A4 black binder from Office Warehouse, Baseball card sleeves from Neutral Grounds, Free journaling cards, patterned papers from Quality DigiScrap Freebies blog, All About Scrapbooking paper, Adobe Photoshop, scraps, washi tapes from Bee Happy

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