January 25, 2015

Project Life: Road Trip

Today I'll share with you a spread from my recent trip to Baler, Philippines! :) 

(Click to enlarge)

 Left Side:

Right side:

Started making this layout by choosing my favorite cards from the Roadtrip themed card set. 
Placed the cards and memorabilia inside the sleeves first so that I'll know the number of pockets that I need to fill with photos


 Capture and record details!

(If you weren't able to collect hotel brochures / flyers)

(More samples here)


Project Life Road Trip themed card set (designed by Celeste Knight)
Project Life DIY Shop value kit (used as background for my square photos and memorabilia)
Project Life Design A Sleeves

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Project Life is a memory-keeping system created by Becky Higgins. To know more about her products, visit www.beckyhiggins.com

January 17, 2015

2015 Project Life Creative Team + Plans

I'm part of the 2015 Creative Team of a brand that I looove - Project Life By Becky Higgins LLC !!! This was announced last December 30 already but I haven't written a blog post about it yet. I've always dreamed of being a CT member, every month I look forward to reading and pinning images from Becky's "Inspiration from our Creative Team" blog posts. So happy to have the opportunity to share tips and ideas with you, fellow Project Lifers! :) I hope I could inspire my friends/acquaintances (even the non-scrapbookers) to print photos and try out this simple memory-keeping system, too!

You can view the other members' profiles on Becky's site - under Meet the Designers.


I'll be working with the physical products! :) If you've read my profile on Becky's site, I mentioned there that I use Project Life in many ways. To be easier for my readers, I organized my Project Life-related posts by category and kit - please check out the right side bar. More labels will be added as I write new posts and share more projects.

Here are some layouts that you'll expect from me! :)

1. *A lot of* Travel highlight spreads
- I have an album called "Travel highlights" (I need a better name for it, suggestions please!) where I create one spread for each place/city/country that I've been to. My destinations are mostly in the Philippines and other Asian countries.

2. Travel albums
- I'm currently making a 60-page album about my Bacolod trip, hope to finish it soon so I could share the pages with you all! :)  Planning to make one more album this year.

3. Monthly spreads
- For "everyday" moments with family and friends, my current projects and favorite things

4. Food & restaurant discoveries
- I love trying new restaurants and taking food photos - and the best way to document this is through Project Life!!

5. Experiences / activities 
- trips to museums, my first (and last!!) fun run, concerts watched

6. Hobbies
- workshops attended, my favorite things

7. Special Events 
- Christmas, birthdays, weddings..


I'll try to use different kits on my layouts so that there'll be variety on my posts! In case you'd like to know if we have the same supplies... here's a list of kits that I have acquired in the past two years:

Core Kits: Midnight Edition, Seafoam Edition, Jade Edition, Vintage Travel (share), Heidi Swapp Dreamy (share)
Mini Kits: Dear Lizzy Daydreamer (gift from my sister) and Polka Dot Party, Amy Tangerine Plus One
Value Kits: DIY Shop, Heidi Swapp Gold Foil, Heidi Swapp Glitter (gift from my sister)
Themed Cards: Roadtrip, Travel, Summer, It's A Man's World, The Great Outdoors

I will also work with new products and some digital kits! Printed some cards already and I can't wait to use them!!

So excited to make more layouts and share tips and ideas! :) I've written a few Project Life-related posts this month, please check out the label "Project Life CT". :)

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Project Life is a memory-keeping system created by Becky Higgins. To know more about her products, visit www.beckyhiggins.com

January 16, 2015

Project Life Idea: Inspiration Boards

It's January again - the time when most of us are motivated to write resolutions, goals and dreams for the year. Glad that I had a four-day vacation on the 1st week of January, I had time to update my inspiration boards (Check out the "Before" photo here)

This "new-year" project was inspired by Joel Osteen's new book, You Can, You Will
Here's an excerpt from the first chapter, titled "Keep Your Vision In Front Of You":
"Studies tell us that we move toward what we consistently see. You should keep something in front of you, even if it's symbolic, to remind you of what you are believing for. All over your house, you should have pictures that inspire you, verses that encourage you, mementos that strengthen your faith."

After reading that chapter, I began collecting magazine clippings/photos that remind me of my goals, and went through my Project Life collection & selected filler cards with positive messages.  (Every kit has one!) Shown in the photo are the cards that I used, from various kits.  I'm so excited for the Inspire Edition to be released, will definitely add cards from that kit!

Each of my boards has a theme. "Create more", "Dream more" and "Have A Great Day".


 1. "Create more" board
- a reminder for me to never stop doing what I love, to practice and create everyday

- consists of my personal craft project list, a picture of a clutter-free room, and my hand-lettered assignment from Fozzy Dayrit's Lush Letters workshop
- Project Life cards: Midnight Edition, Coral Edition, Dear Lizzy Polka Dot Party Mini Kit, Heidi Swapp Dreamy Edition, Amy Tangerine Plus One Mini Kit


2. "Dream more" board 
- my vision board
- clippings from magazines, flyers
- printed a photo from the #cha2015 Instagram feed -- attending a CHA trade show is one of my bucket list items!
- Project Life cards: Dazzle Mini Kit, Midnight Edition, Heidi Swapp Dreamy Edition, Amy Tangerine Plus One Edition, Dear Lizzy Daydreamer Mini Kit, Wellington Mini Kit, Good Times Value Kit

3. "Have a Great Day" board 
- postcard from Papemelroti, my "one little word",  pretty handmade calendar from Dette, reminders
- Project Life cards: Jade Edition, Midnight Edition, Dear Lizzy Daydreamer Edition, Kiwi Edition, Dazzle Mini Kit

Love how the Project Life cards' colors "popped out" from the black background! If you're wondering where I got these black "boards"... these are actually picture frames that I bought from SM Megamall. I wanted the black square magnetic boards that are often featured in The Container Store catalogs, but I couldn't find similar ones here in Manila. To copy the look, I placed black sheets of paper inside the photo frames. I used Scotch Magic tape to adhere the cards and photos to the frames so that the sticky residue wouldn't be so visible.

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Project Life is a memory-keeping system created by Becky Higgins. To know more about her products, visit www.beckyhiggins.com

January 15, 2015

Project Life: Travel / The Ruins, Bacolod

I'm currently making a 60-page(!!!) album about my Bacolod trip last year. I'm 80% done with it (still have to add text/labels and choose cards for some pages). For now, I can only share a sneak peek (one spread) but I'm thinking of writing a separate blog post for those who are interested to know my process of scrapping 150+ travel photos :)

Here's my favorite spread from my album:  

 (Click to enlarge)

Left side:

I got this idea from Jess Forster, 2014 Project Life Creative Team member. I used to document my trips through photobooks because I loved the freedom of resizing photos in any way I want, and I usually enlarge the best photos to fit the whole album spread/page. Before, I thought that incorporating big photos to Project Life layouts is impossible - till I saw the works of Jess! :) Check out her blog and be inspired! :)

Right side:

For the whole album, I only used two kits - Vintage Travel Edition and DIY Shop. Having few supplies makes it easier and faster for me to decide on which cards to use. Was supposed to use just one kit (Vintage Travel), but I didn't want my layouts to appear too colorful, so I toned them down with neutral cards from DIY Shop. (see sample brown and beige cards below)

"Let's go exploring" - my favorite card from the Vintage Travel kit! Love how it matches the color of my photos.

Did this on Photoshop

Project Life 12x12 Page Protector
Project Life Design A Pocket Page
Project Life Vintage Travel Edition
Project Life DIY Shop Value Kit

To see more samples of my Project Life layouts, follow me on Instagram www.instagram.com/makingideashappen
Project Life is a memory-keeping system created by Becky Higgins. To know more about her products, visit www.beckyhiggins.com

January 12, 2015

Project Life: Christmas Gifts and Tags

This layout idea is for sentimental people (like me! :) ) who never throw away cards and gift tags received from family and friends: 

(Click to enlarge)

I love Becky Higgins' Design A page protectors, the 3x4" pockets are perfect for holding memorabilia. Other sleeves that I recommend for this project are Design B, D, F, K, and V.

(Left side)

More suggestions on what to add to your December pages:

1. On the journaling card, write down a list of the gifts that you received (and gifts you gave, so you won't forget & make a mistake to give the same item next year!) :)

2. Photos of the gifts you got.  I do this by category, because I love seeing all of my new scrapbook and office supplies in one place! Check out the photo beside the Merci card below  :)

3. Photo of your holiday gift wrap theme. This year I used some patterns from the Scandinavia Style Wrapping Paper book. 

This "Merci  / Thank you" card by Heidi Swapp was originally 4 x 6" and had lines at the bottom part. Really wanted to use it as my title card because it suits my layout theme of gratitude, so I cut it to fit into the horizontal pocket

My gift tags have too much colors and design elements..so I decided that for my background "filler" cards, I'll use the ones that have subtle patterns, neutral colors (or close to the color of the tag - like the Seafoam cards) so that the overall spread will look easy on the eye. 

Right page:

Note: My mom almost threw away this handlettered giftwrap by my sister! This explains why it's crumpled :/ (Rissy's my nickname, by the way) 


Becky Higgins Photo Pocket Pages - Design A
Project Life Heidi Swapp Gold Foil Value Kit
Project Life Heidi Swapp Glitter Value Kit
Project Life Jade Edition
Project Life Midnight Edition
Project Life Seafoam Edition
Project Life DIY Shop Value Kit


To see more samples of my Project Life layouts, follow me on Instagram www.instagram.com/makingideashappen

Project Life is a memory-keeping system created by Becky Higgins. To know more about her products, visit www.beckyhiggins.com 

December 30, 2014

Project Life: Photo Props 01

Project Life Photo Props will be a new series on my blog :) 

Aside from pocket scrapbooking, there are many ways to use Becky Higgins' Project Life products! I'm planning to post other ideas on this blog but I'd like to share the easiest one first - Use these beautifully-designed cards as props for Instagram photos. I've seen some Instagram users do this before and I love how the cards added an artsy touch to their photos! Got inspired by their posts, so I made sure to include Project Life cards to my packing checklist for my trips this year (2014). This will be perfect for everyday photos too, must carry some in my handbag next time!

These are the only pictures that I have as of this post, but I will take and share more photos with you soon! :)  I also noted the kit/set where the card came from, in case you'd like to know. Click on the links to know more information about the products! :)    

If you have photos featuring Becky Higgins' Project Life cards, please share the link in the comments section! Would love to see them! :)

View from Petronas Twin Towers, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

 Chatting with friends at Early Bird Breakfast Club, BGC, Philippines

Staycation at Sofitel Manila

My first time in Baler, Philippines

Christmas vacation in Costa Pacifica, Baler, Philippines

Roadtrip version 1! NLEX, Philippines

 Roadtrip version 2! NLEX, Philippines
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October 31, 2014

#thehandletteredproject : Lettering and Calligraphy Prompts

To those who are into lettering and calligraphy: let's improve our skills by practicing everyday!
Here are some prompts to get you started. Share your works on Instagram with the hashtag #thehandletteredproject

Let's use all of the pens, inks, markers, paint & other materials that we hoarded! haha!!

September 30, 2014

The List Project

If you love making lists or are looking for a new project to start: join The List Project, a 31-day List Challenge for October 2014. Check out the prompts that my sister Ria and I came up with. I'll be using the pocket scrapbooking/Project Life system for this project (baseball card page protectors and 2.5x3.5 PL cards) but you can do this in any format: pen & paper, notebook, art journal, lettering (like my sister), scrapbook, digital/apps, planner etc. 

We created a Facebook group where we can post photos of our lists / projects. Join us! :)

You can share your lists with the hashtag‪ #‎thelistproject2014‬ on Instagram.

Follow us on Instagram:

Ri: http://www.instagram.com/makingideashappen
Ria: http://www.instagram.com/imfeelingcraftytoday 

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