September 1, 2014

Project Life Travel Spread: Bohol, Philippines

Fell in love with the Dear Lizzy Polka Dot Party mini kit when I first saw it at the local scrapbook store! Bought this kit without seeing the complete preview of the cards. I usually download the card reference PDFs at Digital Project Life or watch other scrapbooker's "unboxing Project Life" videos before making kit purchases.:D
The triangle-patterned card (below) and the camera cards had me sold, it reminded me of the washi tape from Typo! Love the color combination too! I wasn’t planning to buy a new set of cards because I still had 2 full core kits then (hoarder!). Didn’t have any buyer’s remorse when I unboxed the kit!

Love this kit so much that I’m saving the cards for my Bohol trip album and highlight spread. 
The pink shade matches the logo of the resort that we stayed in:

Left side:

(I had to include a photo of Amorita Resort‘s signature dish, Crispy Sinigang na Baboy. Best sinigang I’ve ever tasted! )

Right side:

Love this wood-textured card! Wish I had more copies of this. Mini kits only have 1 copy of each 4x6 card. :( Used the American Crafts Doll fabric Thickers for my title card:

See, the 3×4  floral graphic looks a bit similar to Amorita Resort’s icon

I love adding memorabilia to my pages! Good thing I saved this bag tag.

I often use journal cards as backgrounds for my square photos

For journaling, I used the Typo mint green pen that I got from Malaysia. Wrote about the things I loved about Amorita Resort: GREAT service (staff is very friendly & made us feel pampered, delicious food, infinity pool, etc.) If you're planning to go to Bohol, check out their site, we highly recommend this resort! 

I'll make a full album about my Bohol trip, will post photos when I’m done. I'm just waiting for the 6x6" Polka Dot Party pad that I ordered from an online seller (which I will cut to 4x6" cards, yay!)  :)
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August 29, 2014

Project Life Travel Spread: San Francisco 2006

We R Memory Keepers’ Jet Set is my favorite travel-themed kit so far!! Love the colors, fonts and illustrations. I love the kit too much that I used almost all of the 4×4 designs on one spread:

1. If you want to save time, use page protectors with pockets that have the same size.
It’s much easier to move the cards and photos around (especially if you’re not happy with your first layout). I didn’t take a lot of time to make this compared to the other travel spreads. Didn’t have to decide if I should this print this pic at 4×6 or 3×4.. I just printed them all in one size.. 4×4! :)



2. Print travel posters from Pinterest and use them as title cards.
Just search “travel posters” or “san francisco travel poster” and you’ll find a lot of pretty illustrations!

3. Print your old photos!
You wouldn’t remember your trips if the photos are just stored on your hard drive. (Note: These photos were taken 8 years ago!)

2006 Number stickers: Amy Tangerine Remarks

4. Use Instagram filters / Photoshop actions
I didn’t have a nice camera then so I applied a Photoshop action on my images. For this set of photos, I used the Valencia effect (my favorite Instagram filter!), which is downloadable from Photoshop Tutorials for FREE. Visit this site

5. If you hate your handwriting, try writing in capital letters. It appears much neater!

Check out my previous posts for more tips! :)
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Project Life Travel Spread: Malaysia

Hi everyone! This time I’ll be sharing pages about our recent trip to Malaysia. For this project, I used mostly cards from the Me & My Big Ideas Travel Themed pack that I got from our local scrapbook store last year. (Last year!! Yey I’m finally using my supplies now)

(Note to self: fill in the missing N on the Explore The Unkown card, hehe)

Left Page:

Right Page:

Tip#1- Have a starting point
In every project, the hardest part is getting started :) If you have a lot of cards and can’t decide which color scheme to use, look around you – your memorabilia stash, magazines, scrapbook products, patterned paper, bedsheet etc. — you’ll find something that will inspire you, for sure. In this spread, my “starting point” was this cute postcard that I got from the The Arch Kuala Lumpur Gift Shop @ The City Gallery. I looked through my travel cards and found designs that coordinate with it :)

Tip#2- Don’t forget to buy postcards!

Postcards make perfect title cards for a travel-themed layout.

Tip#3 – List down your itinerary
Since my layout is limited to only one spread per country/place, I can’t print every photo of all of the places that we went to… I just wrote a list so I won’t forget the details.

Tip#4- Collect lots of travel memorabilia 
Always bring a journal/notebook with you, it can serve as temporary storage for the stickers that you got from each tour. Also, if you’re traveling to a different country, don’t forget to bring home foreign currency!  I always save bills (with the lowest denomination) for my scrapbook, hehe.
Tip#5 – Cut regular 12×12 paper! 
You can still use traditional scrapbook supplies for PL! I got this travel-themed 12×12 paper from October Afternoon’s Travel Girl series. At first I thought that the labels were just dummy text, until a friend of mine pointed out that it’s a map of France (totally unrelated haha!)

Tip # 6 – Bring home 2 or more copies of brochures and maps 
I think I have about 10+ map illustrations of Malaysia (cut from brochures, guides, magazines), good thing there’s an Orange one that matches my layout!
Tip # 7 – If you don’t have enough 4×6 cards, make your own card with washi tape and a blank index card
I got this tip from Life Documented Manila. I never knew that blank index cards existed til I read their post! I was only familiar with the lined ones that we used in school.

The FLY card was a freebie — again, I can’t remember where I downloaded it (I download way too much freebies) and I’m not sure if the link has not expired yet. Will get back to you. )

Tip # 8: For Manila-based scrapbookers, buy your materials at the following stores:

Lasting Impression (Facebook , website)
- Me & My Big Ideas (Themed cards – travel)
- WRMK Albums Made Easy Photo Sleeves
- WRMK 12×12 Classic Leather Album (Black)
- Travel Girl paper (map)

National Bookstore
- Corona White Blank index cards (4×6)

- Colored gel pens

Project Life Travel Spread: Baguio, Philippines

Hi everyone! Sharing the first spread that I made for my travel album. This album will consist of layouts of the places that I’ve been to..from childhood to present, one trip per spread:

My original plan was to make a Project Life album for our Christmas vacation in Baguio… but I felt so overwhelmed as I was selecting photos for printing. I wanted to include almost everything! We brought two cameras with us so it made it even more difficult to choose among the photos (even if they look almost the same, hehe) I stopped in the middle of the project and remembered my sister telling me that it would be great to have a Project Life album dedicated to her trips, one page per place, if only she hadn’t started on a traditional scrapbook. So I kind of copied her idea haha (Thanks, Ate)
Here are some tips on making your travel album:

Tip#1Print only the highlights of your vacation – one photo per place.

Tip#2Use alpha stickers for your titles
I never used my American Crafts Thickers on my traditional scrapbook layouts, these chipboard stickers were only meant for tracing on scrap paper so I could create my own alphas without spending too much money (I was always thinking…”What if I run out of vowels? What will I do with the rest of the letters?”)  A lot of Project Lifers use this technique so I gave it a try – it definitely added more “oomph” to my layout! I ended up buying more Thickers for my travel album, haha. After all, I consider these trips as special occasions so it wouldn’t hurt to spend, right? Hehe

Tip#3Include a list of places that you went to
Scrapbook journaling is not my cup of tea so I usually record memories in list/bullet forms.

Tip#4: For Manila-based scrapbookers, buy your materials at the following stores:
(I’m only featuring the items that I used for this layout. Will mention more stores on my future posts)

Lasting Impression (Facebook , website)
- Simple Stories Christmas Sn@P! card set – 4×6 and 3×4
- American Crafts Thickers (Hardcover)
- Becky Higgins Project Life Design A Photo Sleeves
- WRMK 12×12 Classic Leather Album (Black)

National Bookstore
- All About Scrapbooking 6×6 paper (green polka dots)

- Lime Gel pen

Tip#5: Download freebies to save money
I used a card freebie (the 3×4 tree card on the left page) I forgot where I downloaded it, will give credit once I find it in my files :-) You may check my Pinterest board for links to other freebies.

Will post more ideas soon! I currently have 5 finished spreads. :)

August 4, 2014

Photobook Tips Vol 01: Macau

I've always wanted to blog about my "travel library" because I want to inspire others to have their vacation photos printed and not just posted on social networking sites. For me and my sister, flipping through a tangible photo album is way better! I plan to post photos of every book that I made and share tips and lessons I've learned while creating it. I have 13 photobooks as of this writing, thanks to group buying sites, I was able to save a lot of money!

Here's the first photo book that I've created (back in May 2012)


1. Buy a photobook voucher
Don't have your photobooks printed at photo labs or printing shops in malls. Printing cost is much more expensive. Sign up for accounts at group-buying websites and wait for photobook deals instead. I've purchased coupons from Metrodeal, Groupon and Cash Cash Pinoy and had no problems so far. (Note - there's a current offer in Metrodeal that will end tomorrow, check out this link! (up to 100% off!!!)

2. Buy only ONE voucher 
You might get excited when a photobook deal comes & end up buying more than 1 voucher. This voucher comes with an expiry date, the validity period is usually 6 months (or 1 year if you're lucky-but then, if you're a procrastinator like me, it wouldn't really matter haha). I made the mistake of buying two vouchers with the same expiry date because I thought that the deal was just a one-time offer. I crammed over the second book cos I got busy with work and had only one month left before it expired. I think it took me 2-3 months to finish this Macau book (I didn't work on it everyday, by the way. Only on nights that I had enough free time)

3. Buy from Photobook Philippines
I've tried 3 different companies and in my opinion, Photobook Philippines is the best - in terms of quality and service. They respond quickly each time I send inquiries via Facebook. 11 of my photo books were produced by them - except for this Macau book that I'm featuring now on this blog post, hehe. If you'd like to know where I had this book printed, you may leave a comment here and I'll reply via e-mail (it's not on top of my recommendation list though) 

4. Start Small
Don't make an album about your month-long US trip if you're just new to making photobooks! You will get overwhelmed, for sure. For my first project, I picked a vacation where we didn't take too much photos -- our day trip to Macau. Good enough for 24 pages. I figured that I will make mistakes on my first project and I wanted to practice first before making albums of my favorite trips. 

5. Scan or take photos of your memorabilia
This will reduce your clutter! (I regret throwing away my tickets though - I need them for my Project Life highlights spread!) 

6. Keep it Simple
For this project, I decided to go with a minimalist / classic look - no patterns or embellishments whatsoever. Less elements, less mistakes! :) I used a white background for my pages because I wanted the photos to be the focus of the album. I also wanted to create something that will still look nice after how many years. (No regrets like "why did I use that pattern or display font?" hehe) You can experiment with colors and patterns later on your other books, when you're already familiar with photobook design & the software. Just like what I did (my books will be featured on my blog soon)

7. Include names of the places you've been to you won't forget the details! I also copied information from brochures, guides and websites. I had no time to compose my own & I don't want to type something that I won't be able to edit in the future!

That's all for now! Will share 12 more photobook-related posts when I have the time :)

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May 8, 2014

Personalized Gift Ideas for Mom

Was supposed to post this 2 weeks ago but then things got busy. Mother's Day is just a few days away, hope these ideas will still be helpful! :)

Got this album from Kikki.K in Ion Orchard, Singapore. You may order online at
or just DIY :)

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